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Gantch Core Value

Gantch Innovative concept

Gantch Innovation has many dimensions, such as service innovation, business model innovation, technological program innovation... Every innovation can achieve social value. Guanchuan Intelligent has been working in the field of security alarm and smart home for more than ten years. Its value is through technological innovation to make security system more usable, intelligent and reliable. Let smart home reflect more wisdom, more convenient, safer and more comfortable! This is our core value in the security industry.
Today's world is changing rapidly. The only thing that remains unchanged is "change". In response to change, only by continuous innovation can enterprises achieve long-term development. Nowadays, the era of knowledge economy is the era of network economy and information economy. Innovation for development has become the only way for enterprises to develop. And the speed of change is also faster and faster, "Death without innovation" has quietly become the game rules of world business.
Innovation is closely related to the development of enterprises. The development of an enterprise is a cyclical cycle process in line with the life cycle theory. It usually goes through the period of entrepreneurship, growth, maturity and recession. The change of the innovation capability of an enterprise is usually one phase earlier than the change of the economic state of the enterprise. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, innovation is the theme of enterprises, and enterprises are established because of innovation. In the growth period, the focus of enterprise development is system design, choice of new fields and industrial diversification, which are the concrete manifestations of institutional innovation, technological innovation and structural innovation.
In order to create an innovative culture, business leaders must establish a long-term strategy, an innovative team, a process to bring innovation to the market and an organizational structure to support innovation.