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Gantch Core Value

Gantch Manpower concept

The company's development has always adhered to the people-oriented management concept, guided by the idea of "advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating", based on the existing optimal allocation of human resources, but also increased the development of human resources: through job analysis, formulate employee career planning, pay attention to employee training and growth, realize the synchronous development of employee growth and company development planning objectives; Reform and improve the incentive mechanism, increase the intensity of rewards and punishments, establish the concept of performance, establish a more scientific evaluation system of employee input and output, so that the income of employees with the size of responsibility and contribution can reasonably widen the gap; establish a "top-down", open, fair, competitive and excellent talent selection and appointment system, create an environment for outstanding talents to stand out.
The company always pays attention to the training of employees, establishes a long-term and short-term combination of training system and staff lifelong learning system, and builds the staff into a learning organization. By means of expatriate learning, on-the-job learning, short-term training and other means to improve the professional level of employees, expand the potential of employees to play. At the same time, we should pay attention to updating the knowledge structure of the existing staff, and the annual staff training rate reaches 100%. We have trained and trained a group of energetic, energetic and active personnel to participate in international competition.