Gantch Quality concept-北京冠川智能





Gantch Core Value

Gantch Quality concept

1. Quality first, delivery second and cost third.
2. Delivery of products, solutions and services with world-class quality is Guanchuan's unswerving pursuit.
3. Zero defect in quality, punctual delivery, customer satisfaction.
4. It is our quality concept to be right the first time.
5. Quality is manufactured under strict and reasonable norms, systems and disciplines. Therefore, to improve and enrich the company's norms, systems and disciplines is an inevitable way for every employee of the company to engage in quality management.
6. Quality is a responsibility, which is your responsibility and guarantee for the next process, Guanchuan's responsibility and guarantee for customers, and Guanchuan's social responsibility and guarantee.
7. To do any work, the important thing is not to do it, but to do it well or not.